Integrated Solutions for Efficient Material Handling Operations

Automate billing processes and track equipment usage accurately for efficient management of rented material handling equipment.

Implement precise software solutions for grade control, quality assurance, and real-time asset tracking, optimizing material handling operations.

Material Handling: Navigating Operational Challenges

Challenges in material handling include billing discrepancies and equipment accountability, manual grading processes affecting quality assurance, railway siding efficiency issues impacting profitability, and pilferage and loss prevention concerns during transport.

Pilferage and Loss Prevention

During transport, coal trucks may dump high-quality coal and pick up inferior quality coal, leading to losses. Wagons may be misplaced or become untraceable, resulting in significant damages.

Billing Discrepancies and Equipment Accountability

Material handling equipment is often rented out, leading to complexities in billing and accountability. Processes are required to verify equipment usage before payment, leading to inefficiencies and delays.

Grade Control and Quality Assurance

Grade control processes are manual, leading to errors in segregating materials and tagging trucks. Inaccurate grading results in downstream quality issues, affecting the final product's quality and performance.

Railway Siding Efficiency

Loading companies at railway sidings must adhere to government guidelines regarding turnaround time and wagon loading.

Automated Billing and Acconting

Cognecto's sensor-based technology accurately tracks equipment usage, fuel consumption, and operating hours. This data seamlessly integrates with billing software, automating payment processes and ensuring accurate accounting.

Sensor Integration

Utilizes sensors to track equipment usage.

Direct Billing Integration

Links sensor data directly to billing software.

Mobile App Backup

Offers a mobile app for manual input in case sensor data is unavailable.

Grade Control Optimization

GPS Integration

Utilizes RTK GPS technology for centimeter-level accuracy.

Real-time Visibility

Provides complete visibility to stakeholders throughout the process.

Material Tagging

Tags materials accurately during loading and unloading.

Vision Analytics for Efficiency

vision analytics tools optimize stockpiling and loading processes at railway sidings, reducing loading time and ensuring uniform loading patterns. This minimizes delays and prevents damages during transport.

Vision Analytics

Utilizes vision technology for efficient stockpiling and loading.

Optimized Loading

Ensures uniform loading patterns for efficient transport.

Damage Reduction

Minimizes damages by optimizing loading processes.

Telematic Device for Asset Tracking

specialized telematic devices for tracking railway wagons, even in remote locations. This device operates without battery for extended periods and provides accurate location data, reducing losses due to misplaced or disconnected wagons.

Telematic Device

Tracks wagons for extended periods without battery.

Location Tracking

Provides accurate location data for lost or disconnected wagons.

Cost Savings

Helps to minimize losses due to misplaced or disconnected wagons.

Enhance billing accuracy, operational efficiency, and material quality

ThyssenKrupp Group utilizes Cognecto's sensor-based technology at their Dolbe Steel plant in Maharashtra to streamline payment processes for rented equipment, leading to a 15% increase in billing accuracy.

Hindalco, employs Cognecto's software at railway sidings to enhance turnaround time for loading and unloading, resulting in a 10% improvement in operational efficiency.

benefits from Cognecto's vision analytics, reducing damages by 90% during loading delays and ensuring material quality, contributing to a more reliable supply chain.


Billing and Accounting Precision


Grade Control Enhanceament


Optimizing Turnaround Time

Unlocking Material Handling Precision with Cognecto's Solutions. Optimized billing, enhanced grade control, streamlined loading, and minimized pilferage losses.
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Seamlessly integrating this data with billing software
Advanced GPS and RTK components to precisely identify and tag materials
Ensures level stockpiling and uniform loading, slashing loading delays.

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