Resolving Logistics Challenges: Empowering Efficiency

Tracking Shipments, Ensuring Compliance Efficiently manage shipments' location and condition while navigating complex regulatory requirements through tailored hardware and software solutions.

Enhancing Operator Safety and Productivity Integrate advanced monitoring devices and software to ensure operator compliance with safety standards and optimize productivity, fostering a safer working environment.

Improving Logistics with cutting-edge technology

Addressing shipment integrity, regulatory complexity, operator safety, and cost optimization in logistics operations.

Cost Optimization Imperative

Strategizing to minimize fuel and transportation expenses for enhanced profitability and sustainability.

Shipment Integrity Assurance

Ensuring shipment integrity through real-time tracking and condition monitoring for reliability and accountability.

Regulatory Adherence Complexity

Managing complex regulatory landscapes across regions, materials, and documentation standards for seamless compliance.

Operator Safety Monitoring

Implementing comprehensive monitoring systems for operator safety and compliance with fatigue and alcohol detection.

Shipment Tracking and Condition Monitoring

Addresses the critical challenge of ensuring that shipments reach their destinations in optimal condition and on time.

By retrofitting sensors and providing a comprehensive portal accessible to all stakeholders, Cognecto enables real-time tracking of shipments.

Regulatory Compliance Solutions

From varying regulations across different regions to specific compliance needs for different materials, Cognecto offers tailored hardware and software solutions.

seamlessly integrates with systems like AIS 140 in India and facilitates data transmission to government portals like the Gati Sakti portal, ensuring 100% compliance with regulatory mandates.

Operator Safety and Performance Monitoring

A comprehensive solution by integrating various monitoring devices such as fatigue sensors, alcohol detection sensors, and proximity sensors.

Software and hardware hub for centralized monitoring, enabling proactive measures for operator safety and performance enhancement.

Cost Optimization

vision analytics tools optimize stockpiling and loading processes at railway sidings, reducing loading time and ensuring uniform loading patterns. This minimizes delays and prevents damages during transport.

Through retrofits and OBD port monitoring, Cognecto helps optimize fuel consumption, resulting in substantial cost reductions.

Providing impact metrics, Cognecto demonstrates tangible benefits such as  7-10% reduction in fuel costs upon system implementation.

Cognecto’s Solution Tackle Challenges, Boosting Efficiency for Leading Cement Producers.

Leading Cement Producer faced challenges in logistics, including ensuring shipment integrity, regulatory compliance, operator safety, and cost efficiency.Cognecto addressed these challenges by providing sensor-equipped tracking systems, regulatory-compliant hardware and software solutions, operator safety monitoring, and fuel efficiency optimization.

Leading Cement Producer experienced over 95% route compliance, 99% safety uptime, 7-10% fuel cost reduction, and full regulatory compliance, Enabling seamless adaptation to evolving industry regulations in both India and Europe.


Route Compliance and Timely Delivery


EHS Compliance and Safety Uptime


Fuel Cost Reduction


Regulatory Compliance

Cognecto forward-looking solutions herald a new era of excellence in logistics management, propelling businesses toward heightened efficiency, safety, and regulatory conformity
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Increase of over 95% in route compliance and timely delivery
99% uptime in EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety) compliance and safety alerts
Decrease of 7% to 10% in fuel costs,
Flawless 100% alignment with governmental mandates

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