Optimizing Mining Efficiency with Digital Infrastructure

Overcoming Complex Challenges: Capital Efficiency, Regulatory Adherence, and Operational Synchronization

Customized Solutions: Asset Monitoring, Regulatory Integration, and Enhanced Operational Workflows

Maximizing Efficiency and Compliance in Mining

Overcoming Underutilization of Capital Equipment, Navigating Regulatory Requirements, and Streamlining Operational Processes for Enhanced Efficiency and Regulatory Compliance in Mining Operations.

Suboptimal Utilization of Capital Equipment

Mining operations often struggle with effectively utilizing their capital equipment, leading to lower productivity or premature asset deterioration.

Regulatory Compliance Burden

Whether from organizations like DGMS or NGT, complying with these regulations is a significant challenge.

Coordination Across Operations

Operations involve intricate coordination between equipment, operators, and various departments to maintain production efficiency.

Asset Monitoring and Maintenance

Comprehensive System

Monitor asset location and working conditions, including scheduled and unscheduled maintenance

Comprehensive System

Monitor asset location and working conditions, including scheduled and unscheduled maintenance

Regulatory Compliance

NGT Compliance

Utilize vision analytics to ensure compliance with NGT regulations, such as dust control during transportation.

DGMS Integration

Easily integrate with DGMS requirements, including slope stability monitoring and fatigue monitoring systems.

Asset Monitoring and Maintenance

Asset Allocation

Ensure proper asset allocation to operators during shifts for optimized production..

Digital Workflow

Monitor operations from mining to inventory using automated digital workflows, enhancing coordination and productivity.

Optimize workflow and improve safety with cognecto's smart mining solutions

Underutilization of capital equipment, regulatory compliance complexity, and operational coordination across continents posed hurdles for Fura Gems.

Dynamic asset allocation and fleet management complexities hindered operational efficiency for Hindalco's coal mining operations.

Cognecto offered asset monitoring, regulatory compliance integration, and operational workflow optimization tailored to mining operations.

Cognecto provided optimized asset allocation and fleet management integration to streamline operations for Hindalco's coal mining activities.


Equipment Lifecycle Improvement


Regulatory Compliance


Productivity Enhancement

Impact metrics in mining include extending equipment lifecycle, ensuring high regulatory compliance, and boosting productivity, resulting in significant operational enhancements and overall efficiency gains.
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Extend equipment lifecycle by 10 to 15%, increasing overall efficiency.
Achieve 95 to 99% compliance with regulatory requirements, reducing risks.
Streamline operations for a 5 to 7% improvement in overall productivity at mining sites.

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