Transforming Highway  Development

Enhancing Operational Intelligence: Streamlining manual processes with Cognecto's sensor-based workflows for real-time data capture.

Optimizing Resource Utilization: Leveraging Cognecto's solutions for efficient management of equipment, fuel, and workforce, driving cost savings.

Catalyzing Operational Efficiency in Construction Management

Traditional manual methods inhibit productivity and introduce errors. Cognecto's cutting-edge sensor-driven workflows digitize operations, facilitating real-time data capture and optimizing efficiency.

Manual Operations and Data Consolidation

Daily operations rely on manual recording, leading to inefficiencies and errors.

Resource Utilization and Fuel Management

Efficient usage of equipment and fuel is pivotal, yet often challenging due to manual processes.

Productivity and Quality Monitoring

Ensuring operator productivity and maintaining quality standards pose significant hurdles for construction projects.

Digital Transformation & Operational Intelligence

Capture Real-time Data

Cognecto offers pre-configured workflows and sensors that digitize operations, capturing crucial data instantly.

Mobile Application Integration

Operators can input data directly into the mobile application, eliminating manual processes and ensuring accuracy.

Efficient Reconciliation

Streamlines the process from data collection to consolidation, reducing errors and delays in reporting.

Resource Management
& Equipment Utilization

Asset Management

Provides tools for efficient utilization of equipment, especially rented assets, including commissioning, decommissioning, and maintenance tracking.

Fuel Management

Offers features for monitoring and managing fuel consumption, optimizing one of the biggest cost factors in construction projects.

Effective Resource Utilization & Quality Monitoring

Petty Cash Module

Facilitates the management of cash flow at the site level, ensuring transparency and accountability in financial transactions.

Employee Attendance Automation

This system automates attendance tracking through the mobile application, minimizing errors and reconciliation challenges associated with manual attendance.

Quality Monitoring

Utilizes sensor technology and patented algorithms to monitor key quality metrics, such as compaction of different layers in road construction.

Revolutionizing Infrastructure Projects: NRIDA Case Study

NRIDA, overseeing all Indian states’ rural road construction, grappled with manual data collection and quality monitoring issues during highway construction.

Cognecto introduced mobile apps and sensor technology, revolutionizing operations and enabling real-time monitoring of compaction levels. As a result, quality metrics surged by 5-10%, operational reconciliation time plummeted from 30-35 days to less than a day, and fuel wastage dipped by an impressive 90%, culminating in a 5-7% enhancement in overall site productivity.


Quality Assurance


Operational Efficiency


Resource Optimization


Workforce Productivity

In the dynamic landscape of infrastructure development, Cognecto emerges as a transformative force, bridging the gap between traditional methodologies and cutting-edge technology.
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Experience a 5-10% improvement in quality metrics
Transitioning from pen-and-paper methods to digital workflows
Achieve up to a 90% reduction in fuel wastage
Employee attendance adherence to 99%, boosting overall site productivity by 5-7%.

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