Gemstone Mining Giant FURA collaborates with Cognecto to transform their Australian mining operations


BENGALURU, India, BRISBANE, Australia and DUBAI, UAE, Aug. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- FURA Gems, a coloured gemstone mining and marketing company headquartered in Dubai, announced its partnership with India's leading AI-based Heavy Equipment Monitoring company Cognecto to improve operational efficiency, sustainability, productivity and decrease the carbon footprint of its Australia mining operation. This collaborative effort forges a solution combining heavy equipment monitoring and analytics to empower operational visibility and control wherever and whenever. In addition, FURA employees can access real-time fleet updates via a well-integrated, easy-to-implement, and zero-tech footprint AI platform created by Cognecto to improve operational conditions and enhances safety.

The solution implemented at Australian Operations comprises an integrated custom-built hardware sensor and a remote telemetry data protocol to share the data to headquarters of FURA in Dubai.

Operational insights for these real-time tracking are delivered using a simple but powerful web interface, while the alerts can be on any commonly used messaging platform. Apart from real-time tracking, the assets are color code based on status and precise location on Map in a user-friendly customizable Dashboard. The performance can be monitored with alerts and helps Utilization improvements to Maximize trips with optimum fuel. All these are reported to get the number of trips and actual engine run time based on multiple criteria.

Speaking on the tie-up, Dibya Baral, Chief Technology Officer FURA Gems and Managing Director FURA Australia, said, "Technology has been the driver for FURA's swift initiation and turnaround for new projects. A quick implementation by Team Cognecto helped us achieve operational efficiency and strengthening the project deliverables. We look forward to strengthening our association moving forward and continue to improve Sapphire project. This monitoring system will help us drive operational efficiency and reduce Carbon Footprint, making it a win-win for both our business and the magnificent nature of Australia."

FURA's state-of-the-art technology at exploration, geological modeling, mining, processing stages ensures consistent, sustainable, and scientific mining for an assured supply downstream. It also sets a high benchmark in global mining standards, thus exciting the industry regarding the scope of sapphire mining.

"The next generation of partnership has just taken place, and we take pride that FURA, a leading gemstone mining giant with very large-scale operations, has partnered with us. Their commitment to the environment and land rehabilitation practices demonstrates their desire to embrace innovative solutions to preserve the environemt. We are both equally passionate about sustainability, and we are determined to take it to the next level with FURA's vision of reducing Carbon Footprint," said Rohet Sareen, Head of Business Development, Cognecto.

About FURA Gems:

FURA Gems is an imaginative and progressive mining and marketing company specializing in coloured gemstones. FURA owns ruby, emerald and sapphire resource properties in Mozambique, Colombia and Australia, respectively with headquarters in Dubai. FURA is the only gemstone mining and marketing company in the world to have all three coloured gemstones assets of emerald, ruby, and sapphire. FURA mines are environmentally safe thanks to their enlightened water management and waste recycling, but they also reforest and reclaim the land after mining.

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About Cognecto:

Founded by a passionate team of industry professionals in June 2019, Cognecto is India's leading AI-based technology platform that provides real-time analytics solutions and managed services related to heavy equipment. Through Cognecto monitoring solutions, operators and site engineers can access high-level production metrics, KPIs, and other key performance indicators through a well-integrated, easy-to-implement, and zero-tech footprint AI platform.

The company aims to reduce the environmental impact of its partner companies by providing a world-class Heavy Equipment Monitoring Solution that includes equipment tracking devices and offers advanced analytics capabilities.

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Rohet Sareen
Head: Product and Business Development, Cognecto

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