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Seamless integration: Cognecto's IoT on AWS transforms heavy equipment connectivity



Unlocking the Power of IoT with AWS for Cognecto

In today's connected world, businesses are increasingly leveraging the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to gain valuable insights from their operations and make informed decisions. Cognecto, a leading provider of IoT solutions, is harnessing the capabilities of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to revolutionize the way businesses manage their assets and optimize their operations.

How Cognecto is helping drive Efficiency and Savings

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AI Platform for Heavy Construction Equipment

Pre-configured with Cognecto Edge Device. Configured as per your requirements 

Curated Content for Selected Industries for Easy Installation


Key Benefits of AWS for Cognecto

Cognecto Edge device built on AI and latest cellular technology can operate in demanding working environments of mining, material handling, and construction.

Scalable and cost-effective infrastructure

AWS's vast global network of data centers provides Cognecto with the scalability and elasticity to support its growing customer base and evolving needs without compromising performance or reliability.

Advanced analytics and machine learning

AWS Machine Learning services empower Cognecto to extract valuable patterns and insights from their IoT data, enabling predictive maintenance and anomaly detection.

Unified IoT platform

AWS IoT Core serves as a centralized platform for managing and connecting Cognecto's diverse IoT devices, enabling seamless data collection and communication across the entire infrastructure.

Secure and reliable data storage

AWS S3 provides Cognecto with secure and scalable object storage for storing IoT data, ensuring long-term data retention and accessibility.

Real-time data processing:

AWS Lambda functions enable Cognecto to process and analyze IoT data in real time, providing actionable insights for immediate decision-making.

Real-world Applications of AWS for Cognecto:

Asset tracking and monitoring

Cognecto's IoT solutions enable businesses to track and monitor their assets in real time, optimizing asset utilization and reducing downtime.

Predictive maintenance

By analyzing IoT data, Cognecto can predict equipment failures before they occur, enabling proactive maintenance and reducing costly downtime.

Anomaly detection

Cognecto's IoT solutions can identify anomalies in equipment behavior, alerting businesses to potential issues and preventing disruptions.

Remote monitoring and control

Cognecto's IoT solutions enable remote monitoring and control of equipment, allowing businesses to optimize operations and improve efficiency.

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