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Introducing C-VMI (Virtual Machine In-Charge), a Smart Fleet Management Solution By Cognecto

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Cognecto brings you a C-VMI (Virtual Machine In-Charge) a Smart Fleet Management Solution.

The Problem Is Scattered Information for all your fleet equipment.

Most of the vehicles nowadays are equipped with inbuilt tracking sensor to provide Location information and some level of fuel monitoring. These systems are like eyes and ears of operation management .

These systems are delivering the required information for a particular Equipment. If you are managing a fleet of 1-5 equipment of same brand, you can manage day to day activities with some level of confidence. If you are having a bigger fleet of heavy earth moving machines, that too of multiple brand's , then its a complicated and lengthier manual analytics to keep track of your assets.

You must build different individual check points for every vehicle and it may differ for every brand. Despite the inbuilt systems , various additional business KPIs e.g. Trip Count, Multiple Brand Fuel Efficiency comparison, Operators Productivity are difficult to calculate and it takes significant manual effort. The reason is scattered data on various platforms of individual brands, missing a uniform management system.

Solution for the problem is Cognecto Virtual Machine In-charge (C-VMI)

What is a Cognecto Virtual Machine (C-VMI )?

C-VMI is an advanced digital system, which collate information from all machines seamlessly using its own sensor technology keep you informed on one platform. It is more practical and profitable. An innovative strategic technical solution by adding new dimensions aimed at bring customer value by simplifying visualization, analysis and actions.

Features available in Cognecto Virtual Machine In-Charge

1. C-VMI starts its work by integrating all the brands on a digital platform, harmonizing the mutual technology, establishing a multi-dimensional creative system.

2. C-VMI gives the TRIPS count on the deputed routes.

3.C-VMI relay alarms instantly, transmitting information simultaneously to various communication platform.

4. This system can send machine reports, not only to the owner but also to the mechanic with photos and videos through easy to use communication mechanism, so that the mechanic can arrive at the site with all required tools.

5.C-VMI develops a command canter based on customized requirements of individual units.

6. C-VMI installation will be after analyzing the conditions of the mine, functioning, number of machines, a synergy of machines, operator, driver, and productivity parameters.

Keeping all your needs and problems in mind, the system is made as per the requirements, and changes are made over time.

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