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National Highway, Building
National Highway, Building
National Highway, Building

Per year CO2e Estimate


Fuel Consumption Litter Per Day


Mobile machinery
Equipment that is not fixed at a specific site but can be moved around 
either under its own power or with assistance when engineering specifications or logistics dictate (e.g., moving a loader using a lo-bed rather than driving the loader to the destination). Mobile machinery must be self-propelled, except where a self-propelled unit has had its drive carriage removed to secure the unit to a structure during operation and may include but not be limited to: excavators, log harvesting bunchers, log loaders, cranes, timber processors, fork-lifters, road-building machines and/or bulldozers. Generators used for power generation do not qualify as mobile machinery under this methodology.

Number of Shift Per Day


For example, assume idling stop and eco-drive were estimated to reduce CO2 emissions by 10% per machine hour. Also, ex ante 5,000 machine hours were projected for the vehicle type, with specific emissions per machine hour of 2 tCO2 per hour. The specific cap on emission reductions would therefore be 0.2 tCO2 per machine hour (i.e,, 10% of 2 tCO2). This is independent of the activity level. The absolute cap will thereafter be the specific cap multiplied by the activity level. If in year y, for example, there were 6,000 machine hours of operation (as opposed to 5,000), the cap would be 6,000 x 0.2 = 1,200 tCO2.

Fleet Size applied to the calculation


The project boundary is the physical, geographical location of the vehicles that are part of the project activity. The spatial extent of the project boundary encompasses the geographical area of the trips of these project vehicles. The gross vehicle weight (GVW) is the maximum allowable total weight of a vehicle when loaded. This weight includes the vehicle as well as fuel, passengers and cargo. This is a fixed weight that is set and specified by the vehicle manufacturer.





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National Highway, Building
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