Role Of IoT and Digitization In the Infrastructure Sector


Kerala State, located in the southern part of India, has a dense network of roads and highways that connect its cities, towns, and villages.


Problems We Solve

The problem arises from the lack of a reliable and automated system for checking road elevation gradients. Traditional methods require manual surveying and data collection, which can be labor-intensive, slow, and prone to human errors. Inaccurate measurements of road gradients can lead to safety hazards, inefficient transport operations, and increased maintenance costs.

Our Solution

Cognecto's Road Elevation Gradient Check solution provides a comprehensive and efficient solution to this problem. Our system utilizes advanced technology, including sensors and GPS, to accurately measure road gradients in real time. By installing sensors on vehicles or using handheld devices, operators can collect elevation data while driving on the road. This data is then processed and analyzed by the system, which calculates and displays the road gradients instantly.

With our solution, operators can quickly and accurately assess road gradients, ensuring safe and efficient transportation. Real-time monitoring of road gradients enables proactive decision-making, allowing operators to plan routes, select suitable vehicles, and optimize transport operations. By eliminating manual surveying and reducing measurement errors, our solution saves time and resources while improving overall road safety and productivity.

Road Elevation and
Gradient check

Optimized fuel efficiency through telematics-based open pit haul road gradient analysis.

Reduced fuel consumption and operational costs.

Improved overall productivity and profitability for the customer.

Our Solution


Enhanced Safety


Optimal Route Planning


Improved Vehicle Performance

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