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Technology Used For Heavy Construction Equipment

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Utilizing today’s technology for better heavy equipment tracking, remote fleet monitoring, and more.

Every week, we see in the news about equipment failure and how it not only results in heavy economic losses but also in the loss of human life. All of this could be prevented by using the smart technology that we use daily and somehow manipulate it to work in mitigating these mishaps.

Cognecto, to improve the standards of work in the construction industry, has engineered a new and emerging technology powered with the latest AI technology.

Our services range from heavy construction equipment monitoring to construction and heavy equipment GPS tracking to remote monitoring systems for construction equipment and best of all using heavy equipment IoT.

Technology that cannot be ignored

Heavy Construction Equipment Remote

As all our services are connected through a network, hence they get updated on a market basis and the data is kept aligned with real-time processing due to its heavy equipment telematics solutions. The telematics solution provides a wider overview of the machine’s conditions and its vital statistics, which helps in determining whether the equipment is fit for use or not.

These heavy equipment telematics solutions help in avoiding manual site-inspection that might lead to on-site accidents.

Quality over everything

Our machines are audited with the help of a remote monitoring system for construction equipment so that there is no lag in their performance. This monitoring also covers remote fleet monitoring that helps in understanding the status of all equipment at the same time increasing time efficiency.

Hence, with the help of our services, you not only get heavy equipment monitoring but also remote monitoring, which increases the overall output of the services. All you have to do is subscribe to our technology.

Connected to the world

Heavy Equipment

All our types of machinery are connected to IoT, that connect your preferred device to the equipment being monitored. Therefore, providing you with a reality-check on a daily basis for the equipment being used on the site. The heavy equipment IoT is designed to be user-friendly and can be navigated through easily, even from remote places.

The construction and heavy equipment GPS tracking system allows you to monitor the location of the equipment, hence giving the whereabouts of the equipment and avoiding any kind of theft.

Optimizing the power in hand

Utilization of every resource that is present in-hand to make the whole system cost-effective is also one of our goals. By analyzing the whole working flow of our equipment from heavy equipment tracking devices, we can minimize the trips of the equipment, hence resulting in fuel-saving.

The overall outlook of our company is to make the infrastructure industry more technology-driven and highly efficient. Our technology engineers work on the latest technologies to refine them according to our consumer’s needs, be it in heavy construction equipment monitoring, construction and heavy equipment GPS tracking, remote fleet tracking, heavy equipment telematics solution, or heavy equipment IoT. We also provide a 30 days free trial of our services and for opting for it you can directly visit our website under the name of Cognecto.

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