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Heavy Equipment Monitoring And Telematics Solutions With The Use Of Technology

Technology in your hands with heavy construction equipment monitoring, telematics solutions and GPS tracking all of this one-click away.

Heavy Equipment Monitoring And Telematics Solutions

In today’s world, when everything is becoming technology-driven, then the infrastructure sector should not be left behind. With this goal in mind our company, Cognecto, has come up with various AI solutions for heavy construction equipment monitoring, heavy equipment IoT, heavy equipment telematics solutions, and many more.

Our Services

We deal in a variety of heavy construction equipment support gear which is listed below:

  • Monitoring

Our state-of-the-art heavy construction equipment monitoring system deals with the latest technology present in this field. Our monitoring products are engineered with every problem faced by a site engineer during construction via heavy equipment. The monitoring process is very smooth and provides reports on requirement-basis, with each field that can be personally customized by the owner.

With this, we also provide for a bonus arrangement which is remote monitoring. We also provide a fabricated remote monitoring system for construction equipment, which allows one to monitor the designated site from far off places.

Heavy equipment monitoring becomes important as one cannot always know the internal problems with the machine or the problems it is facing in particular areas of the site. Hence, our construction heavy equipment monitoring system gives the owner a chance to realize these difficulties and tackle them more efficiently.

  • Telematics Solutions

Telematic Solution

Heavy equipment telematics solutions is one of our specialties as it gives an analytical report about past performance and future scope. It is delivered in graphs and pie-chart form to make it more understandable.

With the heavy equipment monitoring system, this works like a charm and provides an easy way to prepare progress reports for further use. Heavy equipment telematics solutions can also be used to understand the health of the equipment and whether any kind of servicing is required in it or not.

Hence, making the whole process very cost-effective.

  • GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

With construction and heavy equipment GPS tracking, remote monitoring, and analysis becomes very easy. When all of these functions are put into sync, your whole process from start to completion will function very smoothly without any issues that one might be facing without our heavy equipment tracking system.

This also enables another operation that is remote fleet monitoring that helps in monitoring the same equipment being used in the site to be monitored together.

  • Heavy Equipment IoT

Equipment IoT

Heavy Equipment IoT helps us connect the construction equipment monitoring, construction and heavy equipment GPS tracking, remote monitoring system for construction equipment, and heavy equipment telematics solutions altogether to your desired email id so that your data gets saved at various locations and you can access it anytime, anywhere.

Final Thoughts

After going through all the services we provide in construction and heavy equipment GPS tracking, construction equipment monitoring, heavy equipment telematics solutions, remote monitoring system for construction equipment, and remote fleet monitoring, one can understand how comprehensive our approach is towards providing good-quality services.

Our technology team works daily to update the provided monitoring, telematics solution, GPS tracking, and IoT technologies to understand the market and provide you with the best of the best services possible.

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Cognecto is an AI Solutions company with a laser focus on providing predictive analytics solutions & managed services related to construction equipment.
Founded in June 2019 by a passionate team of industry professionals, it is differentiated by delivering advanced AI solutions to an underserved market.

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