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Cognecto building Heavy Equipment Monitoring Solution on AWS IoT Framework

Every startup faces one challenge for sure "what's the best technology stack when you are not sure how the use case is going to evolve".

Cognecto Heavy Equipment Monitoring solution aim at connecting million-plus equipment at the right cost point at the same time pushing the edge device diversity from simple RFID to Drones fitted with Infrared camera.

The challenge also involves the provisioning of a heaving equipment tracking device at a global footprint with complete automation and monitor them with minimum overhead.

AWS Green grass helped Cognecto to deploy off the shelve IoT gateway with very little programming at the customer end that seamlessly connects with IoT Core. IoT core multi-things creation feature helped to deploy hundred of assets which have similar tags but require individual monitoring.

Lambda function provides easy to integrate data movement with complex logic especially when most of the tags require some level of validation.

The technology stack of AWS IoT helped Cognecto to handle the curveball when a customer requested to include drone feed into the platform to identify an anomaly related to night surveillance using infrared cameras.

Kinesis is build to handle a large volume of data streaming that requires online validation.

With ever-evolving customer use cases, Cognecto is leveraging world-class technology to bring a solution that makes Heavy Construction Equipment to communicate with operators to provide best set points and maximum uptime.

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