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Cognecto backs one of the largest equipment fleet in India, boosting enterprise-wide market adoption

  • RKS is deploying Cognecto Maintenance and Monitoring System software to connect operators and equipment for National Highway and Mining Projects.

  • Heavy Equipment Management Solution will include 1,000+ heavy construction equipment to streamline and simplify multi-site operations.

  • Ram Kripal Singh (RKS) Construction, India's leading construction company, chooses the Cognecto Heavy Equipment Management Platform for Enterprise-Wide Implementation

GURUGRAM and BANGALORE, India, May 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Cognecto announced today that RKS Construction is the latest company to purchase the CognectoMLink® solution. The software will enable RKS Construction to get the entire Equipment fleet on a platform providing valuable insights into daily operations remotely. The platform implementation will include fuel management, field intelligence, service management, and Equipment automation solutions.

RKS Construction is executing projects in National Highway, Mining, and sizeable civil structure. Fuel and equipment intelligence are top priorities to ensure the project's timely completion. Additionally, knowing the real-time update of key business indicators (KPIs) like production, trip count, and working and idle hours are critical to operation. CognectoMLink® comes with pre-configured analytics to support the different business segments enabling quick deployment.

"RKS Construction has 1000+ heavy machines, and timely service, repair, and monitoring are complex and time-consuming. By deploying CognectoMLink®, we plan to simplify our operation," - said Sudhir Kumar, Director of RKS Construction.

"We continue to be partners in our customer's success by providing insights into operators and equipment on a single platform." - Said Rohet Sareen, Head of Business Development and Products of Cognecto.

About RKS Construction

Ram Kripal Singh Construction has been rendering its services in the construction field since 1971 and specializes in Mining, Highway, and Building construction. RKS completed many prestigious projects across the Nation worth INR 11,000 Crores.

About Cognecto

Cognecto, India's leading artificial intelligence-based heavy equipment management company, has developed an integrated custom-built hardware sensor and software platform leveraging SaaS. Cognecto platform connects, acquires, and analyses heavy equipment data across remote locations to provide enterprise-level view and insights

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